Radio Telescope

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Remote Access to NASA Radio Telescopes
Goldstone/Apple Valley Radio Telescope Facility

Our program allows students to remotely operate NASA Deep Space Network Radio Telescopes directly from your computer lab.

  • Partnered with scientists and other observatories from around the world, they will do real research and exploration. We cannot predict exactly what you will discover! 

  • Data collected by students through use of the Radio Telescopes are submitted to NASA/JPL for inclusion in the database of scientific knowledge used by scientists worldwide.  

  • The students participate with NASA scientists in undertaking studies of the solar system and beyond. Current campaigns are Juno/Jupiter Quest, Black Hole Patrol, Pulsar Campaign and SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence).
  Radio Telescope

This is an additional cost, special event. It is held at your DiscoverSpace Science Club computer lab. Please contact us for pricing and availability. More Info

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