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DiscoverSpace Science programs are the most comprehensive, immersive and educational Space Science programs available. Utilizing advanced digital resources, our unique turn-key programs provide everything needed to integrate space science into your classroom, or create a Space Science Club and inspire middle school and high school youth with the wonders of NASA missions, Earth science, astronomy and space exploration. And our optional Special Events will let them experience space science first-hand by using professional scientific equipment.

Easy to Start
All that's required is for your students to have desktop computers, laptops, notebooks or a computer lab with Internet connectivity.

Incredible Results
What they will learn:
  • They will research data from the Kepler Mission searching for new exoplanets around distant stars

  • They will explore the universe in 3D with imagery from the best telescopes in the world

  • They will learn about our solar system, the universe beyond and the spacecraft exploring them with 3D visualization

  • They will help planetary scientists identify and measure features on the Martian surface

  • They will travel with the Juno spacecraft and explore Jupiter in real-time 3D at any time during the entire mission

  • They will fly to over 1000 exotic exoplanets and zoom in for a closer look in 3D

  • They will help scientists better understand how stars form and possibly discover some of the most massive stars in our Milky Way Galaxy

  • They will operate NASA's Mars Curiosity Rover, control its on-board cameras and the robotic arm and reproduce some of the prominent events of the Mars Science Laboratory mission in 3D

  • They will help scientists discover new comets hidden in our solar system's asteroid belt

  • They will fly along with NASA's fleet of Earth Science Missions and observe Earth from a global perspective in an immersive, 3-D environment

  • They will participate in a wide variety of organized, hands-on STEM Science Club projects and activities

  • They will learn from direct access to over 2000 educational videos on NASA missions, Earth science, astronomy and space exploration

Optional Hands-On Special Events (available in central Indiana only):
What they will do:

  • They will observe the Sun as never before through Solar Telescopes and learn about the science of Heliophysics

  • They will observe the universe at night through the historic Link Observatory Telescope

  • They will remotely control a NASA Deep Space Network radio telescope researching the radio emissions from black holes, studying the magnetic fields of Jupiter, recording Pulsar emissions from deep space and searching for possible radio transmissions from extraterrestrial civilizations (SETI).

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Students driving the Mars Curiosity Rover simulation

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